The German War of Talents

In November 2018, the German newspaper « Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung » published a study of “Germany’s most attractive employer 2018” and wanted to find out about the perception of companies by employees and candidates. This study was conducted with the 5,000 biggest German companies of a total of 132 branches and was based on social listening (the employer’s communication through the internet such as Twitter, Facebook, online media, forums, blogs, communities and rating platforms). The perception of a company concerning the management, economic efficiency, the products as well as the achieved sustainability massively influences the image as an employer. Consequently, the study was composed of the following analytical factors: 50% employer performance and 12.5 % each for economic performance, product & service performance, sustainable performance and management performance.  Regardless of which German company obtained the best or the worse results, the findings were very interesting.

Well performing companies have a competitive advantage not only in business, but also in recruiting (photo’s copyright Zhipeng Ya).

Money is not everything

Especially young high potentials increasingly care for “soft factors”. Two thirds of graduates for example wish a free structure, that is to say a self-determined job. After all, the generation Y highly rates freedom and boundlessness. So it does stailored and personalized jobs, further professional education and an inspiring and meaningful environment for independence and autonomy. And then there is the admiration for economically performing companies, whose image is half of the victory when it comes to recruiting. But there are also flexible working hours, informal communication, an attractive location and a comfortable office, where someone likes spending his time.

What the most attractive employers in Germany offer

So what do the employers that had the best results do for their employees? The measures sound simple. The recruiter of one company is convinced that their emphasize on responsibility is the key. They give to their employees clear objectives that lead to higher responsibilities. Even trainees and apprentices already have a promise to take over some position with a responsibility since they enter the company. This way, even management positions are usually already promised to someone and subsequently occupied by an employee that already works in the company.

Another company highlights their interdisciplinary and multi-faceted teams. 30% of the employees are deliberately foreigners. The product development thus benefits of a bigger variety of perspectives, which is very enriching for this firm that works for engineering.

Other companies score their result with material benefits. Such as big community working spaces, chill-out spaces, informal meeting spaces, think tanks, team working spaces – everywhere the most important is to meet and to communicate. And every day the employees choose their working space, it might even change daily; just as a New Work concept preaches.

Or, while some years ago having a firm car was a sign of prestige, nowadays having a firm bike or a firm e-bike, which can also be used in your free time, is even cooler.

A very famous international chain company instead foregrounds their team events. The company’s values can then be marketed in a visible and concrete way.

In can be said that even the most attractive employers of a country do not only focus on monetary factors to be more appealing to candidates, as it would often be wrongly perceived by competitor employers. So to conclude, the summary of many little material and immaterial measures, which are ideally tailored for the new generations’ needs, as well as a generally performing company are the key motives for choosing and keeping a determined workplace, at least in Germany.

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