Category: Strategies

This part relates to strategic initiatives and decisions that businesses have taken or/and that theory suggests in order to implement an efficient Employer Marketing.


Does South Tyrol Have a Recruiting Problem?

« In Südtirol fehlen hunderte Lehrer, viele Schulhilfskräfte und Sekretariatsmitarbeiter » (Tageszeitung, 29/08/2018) « Personalmangel in Südtirols Kindergärten » (Südtirolnews, 15/09/2017) « Sommerteilschließungen wegen chronischem Personalmangel. Die Postgewerkschaft… » (Südtirolnews, 25/05/2018) «  Die Region wird in Kürze einen öffentlichen Wettbewerb ausschreiben, um den Personalmangel bei Gericht entgegen zu wirken » (Provinz News, 18/01/2019) « Immer mehr alte Menschen, steigende Kosten für die Pflege und Personalmangel… » (FF, 07/06/2018) « Mitarbeitermangel im Tourismus wird noch weiter...


Hiring Tech Talents

IT professionals like programmers, software engineers, product managers and data scientists are very sought-after. Far too much, since CareerBuilder mentioned that 45% of the open positions in the US can not be filled. Also in Europe, especially in the Nordic countries such as Sweden, Finland and Denmark, they experience a problem of software developers shortage. But what are the reasons for such situation? And...


Family-friendly certifications: a useful Employer Branding tool?

Qualified experts and very searched professionals are not easy to find. That is why having a competitive advantage as an employer becomes important. Being family-friendly as a business can be one such example and is certainly a well spent investment, especially when a high percentage of the personnel is female. But what does it mean to be family-friendly for a company? We live in...


Create with the heart, build with the mind – VIDEO Marketing

Why not choosing a video to market your employer brand? …after all, according to, the Generation Z consumes 3h25 of online videos per day! See here a beautiful example, where the Senior Vice President R&D of the company AMADEUS initiates a call for employees by valorizing both, the company itself and all its employees, in a developers’ competition context.