Category: Strategies

This part relates to strategic initiatives and decisions that businesses have taken or/and that theory suggests in order to implement an efficient Employer Marketing.


Welfare Benefits that Pay

According to a Lexicon‘s definition, employee welfare entails everything from services, facilities and benefits that are provided or done by an employer for the advantage or comfort of an employee. It is undertaken in order to motivate employees and raise the productivity levels. While usually employee welfare is perceived as a monetary incentive, it does not necessarily have to be in such form. However,...


Smart Working: A Win-Win Opportunity

Smart Working is no longer an unknown expression. It is generally used to define an innovative management approach in human resources, which is based on raising performance and productivity by the help of an agile work model. This model is perceived as a win-win opportunity for both, employers and employees, if its pros are valued in management, and its cons can be dealt with....


Does South Tyrol Have a Recruiting Problem?

« In Südtirol fehlen hunderte Lehrer, viele Schulhilfskräfte und Sekretariatsmitarbeiter » (Tageszeitung, 29/08/2018) « Personalmangel in Südtirols Kindergärten » (Südtirolnews, 15/09/2017) « Sommerteilschließungen wegen chronischem Personalmangel. Die Postgewerkschaft… » (Südtirolnews, 25/05/2018) «  Die Region wird in Kürze einen öffentlichen Wettbewerb ausschreiben, um den Personalmangel bei Gericht entgegen zu wirken » (Provinz News, 18/01/2019) « Immer mehr alte Menschen, steigende Kosten für die Pflege und Personalmangel… » (FF, 07/06/2018) « Mitarbeitermangel im Tourismus wird noch weiter...


Hiring Tech Talents

IT professionals like programmers, software engineers, product managers and data scientists are very sought-after. Far too much, since CareerBuilder mentioned that 45% of the open positions in the US can not be filled. Also in Europe, especially in the Nordic countries such as Sweden, Finland and Denmark, they experience a problem of software developers shortage. But what are the reasons for such situation? And...


Family-friendly certifications: a useful Employer Branding tool?

Qualified experts and very searched professionals are not easy to find. That is why having a competitive advantage as an employer becomes important. Being family-friendly as a business can be one such example and is certainly a well spent investment, especially when a high percentage of the personnel is female. But what does it mean to be family-friendly for a company? We live in...


Create with the heart, build with the mind – VIDEO Marketing

Why not choosing a video to market your employer brand? …after all, according to, the Generation Z consumes 3h25 of online videos per day! See here a beautiful example, where the Senior Vice President R&D of the company AMADEUS initiates a call for employees by valorizing both, the company itself and all its employees, in a developers’ competition context.