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The job market is currently built of several generations: the baby boomers (born between 1946-1964), the generation X (1965-1976), the generation Y or Millennials (1977-1995) and the youngest one, the generation Z or Centennials (1996+). Considering that the baby boomers are retiring more or less soon, this section aims at referring about generation-related topics. The most current news come from the Millennials, which are meant to be a very revolutionary generation on the job market.


Why Millennials Need Special Treatment And Still Quit You

Millennials is an expression which is no longer unknown anymore. It refers to the generation born between 1980-2000. Neither unknown is working with them, considering that a big part of current workforce belong to them. Although a generation can never be lumped together, there still are very common traits – that among others, genuinely differ from the elder generation, the Baby Boomers. Why pointing...


Employer Branding to Attract Gen ‘Z’

Well, each successive generation of employees differs from its predecessors as far as their needs, preferences, expectations from employers, thought process and working style are concerned. However, generation ‘z’ seems to have come from a different planet and differs from all its previous generations in more ways than we might think. And organizations have been facing really tough times in targeting and attracting this...