Who I am

My name is Sara Vinatzer and as a Strategic Management degree holder, I am interested in several topics concerning the life of a company. I am specialized in Tourism and have most of my work experience in the travel industry. However, I am interested in any kind of economic sector, since this blog is of common interest for any kind of organization. Certainly, those companies which demonstrate their innovative character, which show high engagement for sustainability and growth of people are more fascinating to me than others. Find out more about my CV here.

Why Employer Marketing

In my experience as a co-manager in a luxury hotel, I got familiar with how important Human Resources work is when the situation of your employees is highly fluctuating. Somehow all has to start from the ground: the Human Resources department can only work well if it has a parallel strategic direction next to the business of the company. Both have to go hand in hand, and the strategic line has to be focused on a long term. That is how Employer Marketing starts and where the Human Resources embrace the Marketing department in order to create an Employer Brand. My aim is to raise awareness about this subject, because too little importance is given to it. I guess that everyone agrees that the employees belong to the most important assets of a company, and depending on the industry, also to the biggest investments. After all, no most beautiful, precious, attractive and profitable product can exist without the engagement, the energy, the work of human beings. So why not empowering the work that is done to search, to convince, to win, to keep, to retain and to gain loyalty from them.